Wednesday, March 3, 2010

march change: homemade salve and silent night

I finally figured out which changes will be most important to me this month (and most realistically realized). With our parenting roles temporarily switched, Jayson decided that it was easier to not change pants with only one arm so Leaf had a lot of naked time this week. Consequently, little Leaf developed a chafed little bum. I agonize over which salve or lotion or balm or oil to use for her extremely sensitive skin - even the "best" and all natural products have something extra in them. Well, I just happen to have calendula flowers, olive oil, beeswax, and vitamin E in the house..... I also have lots of little glass jars and a pot dedicated for melting beeswax! How simple things really are when we just pause and look around. So, homemade salve it is and an end to spending a lot of money on others' products that we can do ourself.

As for "silent night," I am determined to have times when everything is off. Everything. With the alternative power set-up and grid connection, we can actually flip a switch to stop the juice flowing into the house. Ahhhhhh, respite. In the summers I often turn it all off in between loads of laundry, yet we have left it on all winter while enclosed in the house with the hum. I know it will help us all: Jayson's shoulder will heal more beautifully without the electromagnetic buzz, Leaf will be calmer, and I will just revel in the peace. It is so hard on our bodies to deal with all of the stimuli coming in, that's why I will not allow wireless internet in our home. There is so much electromagnetic pollution in our world, some days I find it so difficult to swim through and that is why I stay at my little home in the woods.

Enough of my rants. It is too beautiful a day to stay inside any longer!


  1. yay for you, for making your own salve!! And I love the idea of the silent night!! Feel free to stop by any time this month and let us know how it is going!

    P.S. we are looking for people to write for our One Small Change blog about their experience and I think others would love to hear about your creative changes...if you are interested shoot us an email

  2. Another P.S...I wanted to let you know that your link to our One Small Change on your side bar is going to our old website which is no longer there. The new link is if you want to update that when you get a chance that would be great!
    Thanks, Suzy