Sunday, March 21, 2010

fitting it all in

In the last week, I have had very few moments to work on my own projects. I feel like I have been away from my home and rhythm for so long. This week I will strive for active stillness and feel less like a sandbag in the morning! I look forward to being done with the taxes so I can get back to enjoyable computer time. Until then, here are some photos from this week.

The PeaceLily bloomed

Washing Rocks and crystals from all over the world in Grandma Hoppy's geodesic dome

St. Patrick's Day Party with Song of the Lakes... music for all ages

Leaf invented a game called "Mulleins" where you hop and skip and run circles around mullein stalks. Great fun! (and the hair.....)

A hike in the woods...

...little hands... the lakeshore...

...aaaahhhh. I love that feeling

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