Thursday, March 11, 2010


Our family loves books, especially Leaf. She has been flipping pages since about 4 months of age, I have not seen anything quite like it! She will read for hours alone or with anyone. I listen to her reciting stories almost verbatim after hearing them just once! I will hear them from her over and over and over, and then she will act them out as well. It is such a joy to witness (and really cute).

Jayson and I are careful with what books we have in our collection. Many stories undergo word changes as we read to her. I would like to just write over the words, but I don't want to set the example of writing or drawing in books. At times, we cringe when a guest is reading with Leaf and we hear a passage unaltered that we find inappropriate. Censorship? Well, somewhat, but she is so impressionable and there are things we believe she just does not need inside her. It is censorship that I feel is my job right now.

Back to the nature of this post.... we look for magical books to fill the shelves with and gradually filter out the less than perfect books. Here are some of our favorites!

By author Kate Banks:
And If The Moon Could Talk
A Gift From the Sea

By Barbara Helen Berger:
When The Sun Rose
A Lot Of Otters
Grandfather Twilight

And the all-time favorite, a story of a Navajo Weaver and her process for making a traditional rug:
The Goat In The Rug
as told to Charles L. Blood & Martin Link by Geraldine

I hope to share more books each month. We are off to play with friends and visit the library today. Happy Reading!

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  1. great photos! you are a good mama for guiding your little one's thoughts! a lot of books have too much info, or stuff they just can't grasp yet, or words that are yucky. I put a bunch of them away yesterday to force myself to tell more stories. We'll see how it works. Nursery rhymes seems to be a favorite right now. It is amazing to hear them recite from memory, when just a year ago, they were just learning to speak!