Thursday, April 28, 2011

what i did today

Goal: To enrich the earth and, in turn, enrich ourselves while being LOVE.

Tools Used:
Intention; Song; Hoe; Rake; Pitchfork; Shovel; Wheelbarrow; Hand Truck; Cedar Branches; Me

State intention to self and Earth. Minimally impact/alter the land for the purpose of growing food and medicines to sustain the family and to reduce our footprint on the earth.
Enrich the soil for years to come while having a bountiful harvest this year, all with achievable maintenance and sustainable practices.
Prepare areas for several raised beds (the field was overgrown with spotted knapweed).
While singing: 1) hoe the weeds to curb growth; 2) remove seed heads and pine cones but leave the remainder of material to enrich soil and minimize carbon loss; 3) sheet mulch with bark and leaves; 4) pray to the directions and smudge with the cedar branches; 5) build raised beds using logs that the power company cut down when clearing the lines; 6) fill with compost and plant. (step 6 yet to be done)

Next project was cleaning-up and redefining the bed for the sweetgrass and other medicines.

I worked in the rain for 4 hours and stopped when I still felt physically good. L did not wish to join me outside today, not even for puddle splashing or getting the mail. She happily dressed in a red renaissance gown and browsed homesteading magazines about rabbits. Hee-hee. I love the unique independence, though I wish she had come outside.... it was so fresh and alive in the rain and mud, then turned to snow by dinnertime.

Did I take any pictures? NO!! I was drenched in rain and mud and it felt wonderful - too wet for the camera, though!

Monday, April 25, 2011

how sweet it is

A blessed life filled with: the colors of spring;
new watering cans and an old bunny shirt;
the father-daughter egg hunting team;
finding eggs in your rain boots;
finger puppets;
pancakes in the backyard;
resting in the sunshine and dirt and not caring;
reading Easter stories to the bunny :)
having the hair pulled out of her face just long enough to get a photo!

Yesterday was so wonderful and relaxing. I am thankful for it all. May each day be filled with such Magic and Love.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eve

Awake in the dark.
Watched the moon rise as a fuzzy golden peach.
Through the trees, it looked just like the setting sun several hours ago.
Walked outside.
Dew tickled my feet, air filled my senses.
Stars called out, I saw them dance and streak across the sky - Red, Yellow, Blue... colors of the eggs we dyed today.
Steps enlivening my body, wind invigorating my spirit.
Full of the Magic that comes in the night.


Papier-mâché eggs for the Bunny to fill. A basket with last year's eggs for the Bunny to re-use. Eggs dyed with turmeric, beets, and blueberries. Fabric strips for the Maypole dyed in the same bowls. A new area for our bunny with a new "hiding box" made from materials found on the property. Delicious dinner as a family with so much laughter we were all in tears. Each reading an Easter story and everyone falling asleep in one twin bed. It was a very good day.


Friday, April 22, 2011

{this moment}

Inspired by Amanda at SouleMama: {this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

thundersnow! (again)

We have had an interesting Spring with several snow showers accompanied by thunder and lightening. It is such an odd juxtaposition. The result was another canceled dance class because all of the area schools are closed today. L and I were taking care of my niece yesterday and ended up having to stay the night because of the storm! This adds another weird day to my already uncannily strange week. I have just been feeling..... well..... strange. Solar storms? I could fill pages with my thoughts, theories and postulates; but this does not feel like the time or place.

Being somewhat quiet here. Slowly working on a few projects. Maintaining an even keel to keep the immune system non-stressed and the pain in-check. Most days Life is enough.

Leaf shared some intriguing information with me. She told me that when flies die, they can only come back as the same flies. Kitties can be reincarnated as owls or turtles, or even kitties again! But flies just keep being flies.
Makes one think.......

and here is something else...

Kiesha speaks on 2012 from kedarvideo on Vimeo.

Monday, April 18, 2011

planning & patience

The cardinal called loudly to me as I stepped onto the porch this morning. With my arms full of firewood, I paused to just listen. What is he saying? I heard in my heart the purposeful slow beat of the earth: plan-ning, plan-ing, pre-pare-pre-pare, pa-tience...

My own heart is beating quickly with coffee flowing through my system and my head buzzing with all of the things to do! Get the garden planted, build a new rabbit hutch, install shelves in the closet, get rid of the couch, organize the art space, words words words too many.

I must be patient, though. There is still snow, and more on the way. It is still cold. I have to wrangle myself in somehow, harness this bursting energy and creative potential, and funnel it somewhere I can have results. Yesterday, I truly realized how helpful visible results are to me at this time of year. When I cannot garden outside, I need to garden my home. The planning time is where I trip up. Some days I need to just DO.

I spent much of my Sunday building shelves for our front closet, but ran into so many obstacles I gave up in frustration. I didn't have the right kind of nails, the screws kept breaking, each time I went out to cut wood it snowed or rained, the hardware store was closed,..... on and on. I finally gave up on the project at 7pm, my hands barely moving because they were so cold. While putting the tools and wood away in the shed, I lamented not having a workshop and leaving a project partially done. I began with such gusto and vision. It seemed simple and clear what needed to be done, what was the Universe trying to convey to me (seriously, how many screws can just break in half)?

Today I hear the pulse, steady and slow, purposeful. Planning. Preparation. Patience.
I find that I require patience through all phases. The full moon has passed, perhaps I will begin to wane into a more systematic approach and can get things in order for the next waxing moon.

For today, how to direct this staccato beat inside me.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

S is for...

Sweet child brushing my hair right now.
Saturdaycare house filled with JOY and laughter leading to
Sleeping in on Sunday with a playtime hangover.
Starting projects that were delayed by
Spring snow!
Saying hello to a new phase of motherhood after nursing my child for 3 1/2 years, creating a
special bond that will always be there
smile and sigh....

She spins and shows me how to be still.