Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eve

Awake in the dark.
Watched the moon rise as a fuzzy golden peach.
Through the trees, it looked just like the setting sun several hours ago.
Walked outside.
Dew tickled my feet, air filled my senses.
Stars called out, I saw them dance and streak across the sky - Red, Yellow, Blue... colors of the eggs we dyed today.
Steps enlivening my body, wind invigorating my spirit.
Full of the Magic that comes in the night.


Papier-mâché eggs for the Bunny to fill. A basket with last year's eggs for the Bunny to re-use. Eggs dyed with turmeric, beets, and blueberries. Fabric strips for the Maypole dyed in the same bowls. A new area for our bunny with a new "hiding box" made from materials found on the property. Delicious dinner as a family with so much laughter we were all in tears. Each reading an Easter story and everyone falling asleep in one twin bed. It was a very good day.



  1. happy easter! looks like you had some good creative fun! we had a weekend in GR for easter and birthdays with our families. Squeezed in a show - Seth, May, Rachael, Dominick and a movie - water for elephants (so good!). getting ready for the show this weekend and then I can play!