Thursday, April 28, 2011

what i did today

Goal: To enrich the earth and, in turn, enrich ourselves while being LOVE.

Tools Used:
Intention; Song; Hoe; Rake; Pitchfork; Shovel; Wheelbarrow; Hand Truck; Cedar Branches; Me

State intention to self and Earth. Minimally impact/alter the land for the purpose of growing food and medicines to sustain the family and to reduce our footprint on the earth.
Enrich the soil for years to come while having a bountiful harvest this year, all with achievable maintenance and sustainable practices.
Prepare areas for several raised beds (the field was overgrown with spotted knapweed).
While singing: 1) hoe the weeds to curb growth; 2) remove seed heads and pine cones but leave the remainder of material to enrich soil and minimize carbon loss; 3) sheet mulch with bark and leaves; 4) pray to the directions and smudge with the cedar branches; 5) build raised beds using logs that the power company cut down when clearing the lines; 6) fill with compost and plant. (step 6 yet to be done)

Next project was cleaning-up and redefining the bed for the sweetgrass and other medicines.

I worked in the rain for 4 hours and stopped when I still felt physically good. L did not wish to join me outside today, not even for puddle splashing or getting the mail. She happily dressed in a red renaissance gown and browsed homesteading magazines about rabbits. Hee-hee. I love the unique independence, though I wish she had come outside.... it was so fresh and alive in the rain and mud, then turned to snow by dinnertime.

Did I take any pictures? NO!! I was drenched in rain and mud and it felt wonderful - too wet for the camera, though!

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