Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sundried clay


  1. what a great porch to play on, nice and sunny! I love the shot of the hands in the clay. much better than playdoh, where do you find it?
    Thanks for sharing another great idea!
    We hope to play with you guys soon, maybe next week monday or thursday?

  2. This clay is leftover from when I was teaching art at the college. I think I ordered it from the southwest - I can check the box. I still have 25 pounds or so and am happy to share! The rest of my clay I harvested during travels in Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming. I use that collection for drawing or crumbling and mixing with water to paint. It's very hard, more rocky, and does not soften much with water. I think I used up all of the soft stuff. You two should come over and get messy with us soon!