Wednesday, January 27, 2010

plastics update

Here is the link to the Diane Rehm show, I believe if you click on the left side where the show is listed it will play the audio.

I am so glad that I listened to this last night. Good info and an important discussion. I did some of my own research, too, because I have many more questions. Leaf and I then cleaned out the tupperware cupboard. We kept a few containers to store/freeze leftovers in. Most of what we had in there is #5. I found numerous sites on the web stating that #2, 4, & 5 are safer plastics to use for re-use. They do not contain BPA. However, they do contain other chemicals that can be carcinogenic of heated. We do not use a microwave and have always washed our re-used plastic by hand, so this aspect does not concern me. What I did think about is putting warm leftovers into containers.... my solution: just let it cool completely. We use glass (pyrex) for storage as much as we can, but run out sometimes. With the addition of stainless containers for picnics and going to work (they won't break like glass can), I feel good about our system for now.

We had held on to a few plastic children's dishes that my sister gave us for when they come over, but after what I heard and read, I posted them on freecycle (not really wanting anyone else to use them and feeling a bit of contradiction within myself about it). We have wooden bowls that visiting children can use if their parents feel they would not do well with the china dishes. As for drinking vessels, we use mostly glass and ceramic. I am working on getting a few more tiny "Todd mugs" from our friend Todd Springer whose mugs have withstood numerous drops to the concrete floor! Leaf can also share her Kleen Kanteens if needed.

A big concern that I am not sure what I will do about is BPA in the lining of canned goods. We have a shelf of canned beans, some pumpkin purees, and a few soups. I have always liked having these on hand for when I haven't soaked beans overnight. I learned that Eden Foods is the only company that has BPA free cans. While I will contact other companies to inquire about their cans, what do I do with the food on our shelf that we have been eating? I think I will use them sparingly, really try to plan meals ahead so that I have time to use the dry beans, and maybe donate some to a food pantry. I do feel a bit strange about giving other people things I do not feel safe using or eating, I have concluded that it probably better for them to at least be eating organic beans instead of the other kinds that may be available to them.

Those are my thoughts on this cold and snowy day. To balance all of the cerebral work, we had a day full of art and tactile bliss~~~~~
baked 3 dozen vegan cookies, 2 loaves of bread ( and Leaf made a mini-loaf), sculpted with beeswax, and painted for 4 hours!!


  1. oh, man I see another project coming over here! Thanks for the heads-up.

    Looks like a good art day for you two!

  2. What a cutie :) I love your February change. I'm going to keep it in mind for March.

  3. Thanks for the great post! Good to know about Eden Foods! And I know what you mean about passing things on to others that you wouldn't use yourself due to saftey...that is a hard one. We give away a lot of stuff on freecycle that we get as hand me downs and I have come to peace with it knowing that, even though it is plastic, it will not go in the landfill and will get some use.
    And, oh my, your daughter is so adorable with her bandana on sweet!!!

  4. I was really excited to see your post, because getting rid of plastic was a true challenge for us as well. We had a lot of challenges, a lot of things that came up, and a lot more to try and figure out.
    One thing that we switched to, and that has been such a blessing, is that we switched to glass freezer containers. It has been so much more comforting to know that we can thaw and cook in those containers, with no change of BPA contamination.
    Thank you for sharing your resources. They are wonderful