Monday, January 4, 2010

the crafting day!!

Yesterday was a perfect day for making things. I was prompted into action when my daughter came to me and said, "Snoopy doesn't have a doghouse. Can Mama help Snoopy find his doghouse?" I dove into the recycling, found some sturdy cardboard and we were off!After Snoopy had a new home, it then became necessary to make a home for the fox and the bears. We built a cave out of rocks for the bears, and made a nice nest in a basket "den" for the fox. It was then requested that we have some birdies for the nest, too. After a quick story about foxes and birds, it was decided that the birdies should have their own nest. I took some carded and plant-dyed wool and we wet felted three bluebirds and a nest of their own. It was Leaf's first time felting!

Next, we made some felted food for the dollhouse. The dollies had been getting quite hungry since Christmas. Leaf and I felted 2 apples, 2 oranges, a loaf of bread, and a pumpkin. When they were finished and dried, she told me that the dollies needed a refrigerator for their food. Wow! So into the recycling bag again, and I found a Yogi Tea box. Perfect!

It felt so good to have simple and quick projects with tangible and functional results. I am excited to do more.

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