Friday, January 1, 2010

1 january 2010

The Gregorian calendar ticks on and here we are. I am feeling oddly comfortable in this new computer world, motivated to write a blog based on a friendly suggestion to make positive and sustainable changes in my life. The strangest part for me is the computer. I lived for so long without one, that I feel (in part) that this is a step backwards in sustainability. However, I did make an agreement with myself to flow with the changing world and work within it. In course, I have changed much, as well.

This One Small Change project/collaboration

helped give me the last nudge to just be done with some things. I was there, but this gives me a concrete and defining moment of change. It also gives me the support of a community, and the accountability to others. Even though my New Year began with the Solstice, I am a student of numerology and appreciate the change in years to mark a new beginning.

With much self and home clean-out to come between now and the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival/Imbolc/Candelmas/(pick your time to begin sprouting your personal seeds)..... I will also make one small change each month that can have great impact as time travels on. My thoughts go around about it. When we take something out, we need to fill that space with something else (i.e. less time on the computer becomes filled with more time playing). So, if we introduce a new behavior, does an old one need to go?

Well, my first change is very simple: I am completely done with bringing home any more plastic bags. We have tote bags we use for groceries and other shopping, we wash and re-use the plastic that does come home,.... but we still end up bringing more home! When I lived alone I was much better about bringing my jars to the food co-op to fill with bulk ingredients, but since I had a family, I find myself sliding in my resolve. There are times when I end up at the market, unprepared, and bring home a new plastic bag of coriander or dried blueberries. Well, the market is carrying Eco-bags produce and grain bags made of organic cotton muslin, as well as glass jars and other receptacles. I will gladly fill one with spinach and never again wash slimy greens from the inside of an old plastic bag. We will no longer have the pile of dirty bags on the counter that everyone saves until last to wash. So, if I find myself at the store, unprepared,.... I suppose if I really want those goji berries I will have to carry them home in my pocket!

Happy new day to all of you, and let's keep the good work going.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

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  1. Congrats on your blog! It is an awesome way to connect with a great community! Your first change sounds like a great one! Thanks for taking part in this project!