Friday, January 22, 2010

january picnic

Beautiful days of sunshine, no time for the computer! We spent the day as a family (a rare thing with Jayson's work schedule) creating and laughing. We hiked into our woods and all worked on the "nest," the recent addition to our special space - made from downed branches. I will post pictures when I have some (they are on J's phone). After a magical hike home where Leaf was the Cross Country Cat (yow meow!), we had a picnic in the snow. Such magical and memorable moments. J went to work and Leaf and I sang songs about sunshine for the remainder of the day.

We spent the weekend at the lovely Neahtawanta Inn for a Bioneers planning retreat - the work for the annual October conference is underway!
Today is a gray slushy day, good for baking cookies and reading stories. I usually have somewhat of a slothy day when I return from being away. I enjoy the slow pace and lots of tea!

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