Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Small Change for February: Self-Reliance

Not exactly a small change. On our path to sustainability, my family must learn how to do many more things ourselves.... especially where we live.
Last week I read a knitting tutorial and learned how to knit. Soon, the family will have new hats that fit well! This is a skill I promised myself I would acquire this winter.
I also inherited a sewing machine last month. Three nights ago we unearthed it, only to discover it was not running! Jayson took it apart, figured out how it works, cleaned it, oiled it, fixed it,..... and now I am learning to use it! Leaf has two new stuffed mouse friends made from an old pair of jeans.... and clothing for Leaf and me is on the way!
I am taking a woodworking class later this month (we bartered with a friend for tuition), and I can finally get some tips to make my projects better executed. Hopefully some playstands will come of this.
I am finally getting my head and rest of me in gear to get creative with bringing more income in, or at the very least, have more bartering items. I feel like a bear that just came out of my cave. Motion has begun with the quickening in the earth.
And we are planning our garden!

All of these elements are helping to bring us closer to sustainability. And the most beautiful part is the feeling of making something, creating something, out of re-used materials, and made with love. It just feels good.

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  1. you go girl! We would like playstands, so maybe a barter for sewing lessons is in order!