Saturday, February 13, 2010

knitting on....

Leaf's hat was finished in an afternoon while she napped on my lap. She chose the yarn (100% wool), and I am pleased with how it turned out. Jayson's is next.... I actually had most of it knitted, but could not live with a mistake in it and unraveled the entire thing. I suppose that is where the term "knit-picky" might come from. Ha-ha!
I am envisioning a sweet pair of pants to make next. I hesitate to write any more about it, lest it lose some magic.
My other challenge for Feb is keeping up with the housework while satiating my compulsive knitting craze.

Here is a wonderful poem I read about once a week; it is me and is the source of inspiration and continued renewal of energy for what I am doing with this life.

I Will
Listen, I've decided:
Life is too precious to ponder
the petty details any longer
and to put it bluntly
I will not participate.
I will not be coming to the party.
I will not be returning the call.
I will not be anything to anyone.
I will stare at the gray sky till it is blue.
I will walk in the green fields and
smell the wildflowers.
I will imbibe this life the way
it was meant to be imbibed.
I will listen only to my body
and the black crows.
I will live by the true laws of the Land.
I will pick wild blackberries and pet cats.
I will write poems I share
only with the wind.
I will raise a child
on the edge of nowhere.
I will nourish her on magic and honey.
I will teach her
the language of the fairies.
We will play in
the forest at twilight.
We will hurl all hardship
downhill to the sea.

-Marni Norwich

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  1. i love the hat! It looks great.
    Thanks for sharing the poem too!