Tuesday, March 29, 2011

yarn along

Inspired by Ginny at small things.

I am deep in the paperwork preparing J's business taxes, along with household ones. This year is another learning year - we bought a home which adds another dimension to the deciphering. All is going well, though. Several years into business taxes and I have a pretty good system worked out now. I think the hardest part was locating everything that was shuffled around when we moved. It was an abrupt packing with help from others, so my life has been full of surprises when opening random boxes throughout the year. I found my stash of herb and carrot seeds with the thumbtacks, L's china tea set, a stack of business receipts, thank you cards that were never mailed, and a rubber Superman!

So, my reading material this week is mostly taxes, with a few passages in Sandra Ingerman's Welcome Home: Following Your Soul's Journey Home and glimpses of Anastasia by Vladimir Megre which I have been reading from since October. It's a magical book, an entire series, that someday I will have a bit more time to take in.

And my T-shirt rug, made from favorite old shirts that I wore to pieces and my favorite old pillowcases. The energy that these fabrics are infused with is like honey to me, and all I want to do is just lay my head on this rug and inhale deeply. I love the memories infused into this piece and look forward to spending a lot of time on it. It will be done in several pieces, as this was as many stitches as I could comfortably fit on the needles (I think they're size 16??). It is a basic garter stitch, it's all new to me... I taught myself to knit last year, and since I don't have a crochet tool yet, a knitted rug it had to be! I will learn to crochet next, my hands seem to naturally move with these rhythms. I believe it is a part of me just like the many generations who knitted before me, I really feel my grandmother Charlotte when I craft.

Mmmmmmm, I am always happy when I think of her.

May you have a magical week full of the blessings of being human~

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