Saturday, March 19, 2011

treasures and little pleasures

I have really been enjoying my recent embroidery projects, with so many ideas coming through me!! I made a deal with myself that I am not to begin the larger projects until I take care of the paperwork and accounting for Jayson's business. Sewing is just much more enjoyable than sorting through receipts!

In the meantime, I am happily distracting myself with little projects. Recent thrift store finds are being turned into clothing that Leaf enjoys wearing, and I have that Mama-satisfaction of seeing my little one prancing about in something that my hands have lovingly touched.

A simple brown dress. I added some flying birds using a favorite old T-shirt that finally fell apart, cutting out the shapes and just sewing on. Nothing fancy, but I find it very pleasing (minus the wrinkles).

A plain T-shirt. Leaf is so into cats and wants to wear cat shirts every day. To replace the hot pink "Hello Kitty" shirt from grandma: I used the same old T-shirt as the previous dress and cut out a silhouette of a cat; sewed it on and added some whiskers with embroidery thread. I prefer these simple designs. It's L's new favorite shirt (sporting the very wrinkled look as well).

Another jumper and work-in-progress. This is a shot of the back, what I have accomplished so far with embroidery thread. Hmmm, I'm not much into ironing, can you tell?

I love the fact that a package arrived yesterday from my grandmother, and guess what was inside?

I also found some old wool sweaters and coats that were tattered and in pieces. I turned them into bluebirds for the spring table, and they have already laid some eggs! I see more of these coming soon to give as gifts to my dear friend who is healing from surgery.

Other magical finds, a lovely quilt and spring-themed books.

I Love My Little Storybook is one of the sweetest stories, a new favorite of mine.

Wishing you a Happy Spring, a Magical Full Moon, and may you find some treasures and pleasures this weekend.


  1. Love it. You're breathed art into those clothes. The dress with the birds is my favorite. (As for me, I plug my iron in like twice a year, LOL.)

    Love the quilt and books. You and I are on the same wavelength. We'd make a good thrift shopping team.

  2. Love thrift stores! What fabulous score!! i LOVE the little brown dress with birds. it's perfect! It's so great being able to re-purpose things, or turn something simple into something amazing. Wonderful job!

  3. I just love the dresses. I only have boys so I'm thinking of arting-up their shirts.
    Thrifting is so much fun, isn't it!

  4. Oh, the birds on the brown dress! lovely! Great idea. I seem keep making the same tree with a bird and putting it on everything... Need some new inspiration. Time to crack open a journal again...

  5. So much goodness in your post - the great thrifting finds and creative ways you added to them, wonderful books and such sweet birds!

  6. Those birds are so cute! And is tonight a full moon? No wonder...