Monday, March 21, 2011

the pace of spring

I feel the pulse of Mother Earth somewhat slower and more intentional, thrummm thrummm. It is so pleasant to me and I find myself flowing with it gracefully. Most other Springs, I am nearly overwhelmed at the speed of activity. This year is different. I feel a shift. Sure, I am more active and accomplishing so much more than the winter months, the squirrels are playing chase through the yards and the birds more active, the horses are frolicking.... but the heartbeat below is more deliberate. It beats out a soothing calm that helps me flow through the day. I feel as though I am moving through a great ocean with a very even keel. This is nice.

Sunday is family day, and even though ours was spent at the emergency room, we all remained centered and mellow. Jayson scratched his eye on a branch while unloading brush from his truck. Thankfully, it was not a deep scratch. It is a long one over the pupil, causing his vision to be very blurred. Bless his heart, he still went to work today. I love this man and his beautiful sparkling eyes. He continually amazes me.

We finished our family day baking bread and pitas, cooking tempeh and chard, and watching Ponyo (this is a favorite of mine, as I am a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki's work... also seems appropriate for today with tsunamis and the extra close moon). A rare treat at the end of a rare day!

As for today, another quiet and slow morning with promises of many imagination adventures... Leaf is off to feed the orcas in her room. I can hear her exclaiming, "I looked out my window and it finally is spring! Now I need more fish for the orca!"

(can you see the fish?)

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