Saturday, March 12, 2011

rain and snow

and still snowing!! I am thankful for this weather today. It gives me a good excuse to stay curled up by the fire with my favorite blanket and do some handwork that has been waiting for me in a basket for 2 years!
I found this jumper at Goodwill when Leaf was a baby. It needed something.... and as red is her favorite color, some flowers were added. Simple, sweet, and enjoyable to do.

It feels so good to give someone a gift created with my hands. To have it appreciated and used is icing on the cake!

What else is happening this weekend? I am happy to report: not much! Bunny is eagerly awaiting spring and return to her "summer home" with more room to dance and twirl.

And these silly guys...
Uncle Chris gifted our family an UglyDoll at Christmas. My ever-entertaining brother thought it funny that one of the creators of these dolls shares a last name with himself and me, and the dolls strangely resemble cartoons that Chris and I used to draw together. Leaf immediately loved this creature and named him Teeth (on the left). Yesterday, she and I worked together to create Teeth's sister Eyeball (right). They are into all sorts of mischief in our house. I have a feeling more creatures may show up soon!


  1. I love the red flowers on the jumper. Fun. Those ugly dolls crack me up. My boys would like those.

  2. Over from Still Parenting: I love jumpers. They are so much fun!