Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A series of string bags in all sizes... for treasures, to buddies, blocks and stones. I love the double-sided feel and reversible options. Leaf chose the fabrics and string. Now they are all filled and she is hoping for more!
I made a few single layer bags for grocery shopping, seems like we are always running out! These are so great for fresh produce and bulk goods. I custom size them for collard greens and celery!

We also planted some carrots, yesterday (as it was a root day on the biodynamic calendar), made new bibs (with snaps instead of velcro), sewed loops into coats for easy hanging, embroidered fabric for "Gigi's house" (will post pics when finished), purchased a used learning tower from a local family, made frozen fruit cubes, did a little guerrilla gardening with seed bombs (seed balls), washed and hung 5 loads of laundry,.... the list goes on! All of this accomplished without drinking any coffee. Must be some full moon energy.

seed bombs, made after the Earth Day parade with friends

Today I feel like coffee might help.


  1. I love the bags! makes me think I want to make some more.
    sounds like you had a really good day!
    hoping we'll see you saturday for the maypole, it's at elberta park at 11am.

  2. Those bags are fantastic. I want to try making some. I love your blog. Your moon photo was captivating. I love the big, bright moon. It pulls me in every time.