Monday, April 26, 2010

busy spring

Not much time for blogging these days! Our lives have been so full, I am grateful. April has been a month of planting, wandering, picnics, Earth Day parade & activities (Leaf was a red fox), making lots of chocolates, getting the business finances in order, and cleaning out the sheds and crawl space. The guys have been busy updating and maintaining the alternative power with new batteries, components, and rebuilding the wind turbine. Whew!

Leaf and I started our herb garden. Our small change for April is to grow our own herbs and medicines. The April frosts are keeping everything indoors for now, except the sweetgrass we planted last year - which has seeded!! I love that my daughter joins me in dancing and singing for the plants. I am excited about this project.


  1. that looks like so much fun! makes me want to start something too... can you ever have too much cilantro?

  2. oh my goodness, no! i love it in fresh juices, mmmmmm. looking forward to the CSA food.