Thursday, May 6, 2010

How do you fit a block of tofu into a tiny spice bag?

Be determined to stick to your pledge of NO NEW PLASTIC BAGS!!

I found myself at the co-op..... requiring tofu...... forgetting to pack a re-usable container (with a well sealing lid)....
and in my shopping totes, I found 3 small plastic bags originally used to haul bulk spices home. It was messy, I considered just grabbing a "fresh" plastic bag, I was concerned about tofu liquid leaking all over everything, but I stuck to my pledge. I shoved and squeezed and pulled - tofu juice trailing up my arms. I spent 5 minutes cramming that block of tofu into the tiny bag, and then triple-bagging it to minimize leakage. I did it. What satisfaction! I re-used those old bags, got tofu, and did not bring another bag into our home!! This thrills me because I know myself and how easily I can cave on some things. It isn't pretty, but it worked.

My reward: caraway, mustard, and celery seed flavored tofu!

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